Round Headlights on a Scirocco, is like returning what was taken  away with them 4×6 headlights. Annoyed at the cost of euro lights and its wide  distribution, I decided to move back into time and change the missing link on my  Scirocco. to give it back its purebred look that VW took away in 82.

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Fuse Panel

Click for Larger
Click for Larger – Fuse Panel Image

Here is a color picture of my Fuse panel – In my 1984 Scirocco with A/C and Power windows.  List Should be the similar for any German made car after 83 until 93 (CE1 and CE2)  

Fuse # Rating Description
1 30A Radiator cooling fan
2 10A Brake lights, cruise control
3 15A Cigarette lighter, radio, clock, interior lights, central locking, instrument cluster
4 15A Emergency flashers
5 15A Fuel pump; Oxygen sensor heater (1990-1993)
6 Open
7 10A Taillights, parking lights, side marker lights – left
8 10A same as above – right
9 10A Headlights (high beam, right), high beam blue LED
10 10A Headlights (high beam, left)
11 15A Windshield washers/wipers
12 15A Heated seats, power mirrors if installed
13 15A Rear window defogger, heated mirror
14 20A Heater Fan, Glove box Light
15 10A Back-up lights, shift console light, cruise control (1985-1990 w/ automatic only)
16 15A Horn
17 Open
18 15A seat belt warning light, horn relay, coolant level/temperature warning light, oil pressure gauge, oil temp gauge, voltmeter; Cruise control (except 1985-1990 auto trans.)
19 10A Turn signals, brake warning light (10A)
20 10A License plate lights; trunk light (1987-1993); instrument panel lights (1991-1993)
21 10A Headlights (low beam, left)
22 10A Headlights (low beam, right)

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Hello! Technote site moved!

Timbo here, I’ve relocated the technotes to my personal website,

Half of the site is based in a WordPress installation to make content management easier. The other half is much older, mostly Frontpage based conversions of the old ATS Technotes.

Eric has been running the server at vintagewatercooleds for years, hosting a forum and these technotes. Extra special thanks to Eric and his skills for these great years!

Removing Window Tint

Pulling the tint Firmly off
Pulling the tint Firmly off

Window tint is REALLY annoying to remove.  Best bet? Wait for a very hot, sunny day. This heats up the tint, and makes the adhesive softer.

The ease of tint removal really depends on what brand the tint is, and in what condition it is in. I got lucky, and this window tint peeled right off without much difficulty.

I will also detail another method that will work much more effectively on a rear window with defroster lines.

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Megasquirt Engine Wiring

This post describes how to wire your engine with the 20awg wire for Megasquirt’s wiring harness!

Here’s a DB-37 connector with crimp connector pins. Most megasquirt kits come with solder cup connectors WHICH ARE BAD because soldered wires = stiff corroding wires.

I ordered this connector from Newark – an electronic parts supplier. Here’s a link to part number 79K4779 – The manufacturer’s part number is SPC15175

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