Mk2 Scirocco with Mk1 Headlights

Round Headlights on a Scirocco, is like returning what was taken  away with them 4×6 headlights. Annoyed at the cost of euro lights and its wide  distribution, I decided to move back into time and change the missing link on my  Scirocco. to give it back its purebred look that VW took away in 82.


Parts needed for this project:


  • 2 complete PAIRS (4 assemblies) of Scirocco Mk1 headlights frames,

  • 1 complete pair (2 Assemblies) of Mk2headlight (USA OEM),

  • 1 GTI or Mk1 Scirocco Grill (or make your own).


cut each Mk1 headlight assemblies in two parts, keep the low beam (outside beam lowest profile) parts.
Now remember this is a custom install there is no perfect way unless yours a welder :), so you need to make the Mk1 parts (2 per side) so that when you hold the grill up against it, the headlights are spaced properly and centered the VW insignia in the middle of the grill parts. (this is the annoying time wasted moving the left and right side by hand (suggestion hold grill against radiator frame, line up one headlight drilled holes, screw it in, place opposite side in as well the other should fall in place.
Now cut the MK2 brackets has shown.
mount your corner lights back on it and install on the corners of the car 🙂 if you left enough metal on ends it will fit perfectly aligned (maybe a little trimming involved) with your Mk1 brackets, I slid mine underneath and use screws to hold it in place (upper and lower corner screws of the Mk1 corner headlight).
This picture is to save yourself a lot of time if you encounter this situation… it doesn’t fit properly, don’t hack at it, grab the other corner light, your tying to use the wrong corner in.
the grill has 2 holes (a top and below) in between headlight, use a long screw with a sleeve to prevent screw to pull it in too far. and 4 in the split part of it (only the top ones touch metal.)
there your done, select you headlight as you wish, and go drive your car around.. and don’t forget to post on VWVortex your job, so the rest of the folks can gawk at it.