This site is an archive of tech procedures, or technotes about fixing our old VWs. This site is mainly focused on VW Sciroccos. but most of this information also applies on mk1 and to a lesser extent mk2 water-cooled VWs from 1975-1992.

These cars have many parts in common, and are considered to be the most “pure” VWs before the cars started getting heavier, and more luxury-focused.

This site provides a place for all of the tech procedures that we’ve written and saved over the years.

About the WordPress Site

The newer WordPress-based site was started to enable some advanced features. One is searching, something the old site lacked. Another is organization – this site makes it very easy to change the site, edit posts and make instant changes.  A final advantage is when it comes time to print. A printer CSS file makes sure that the technotes look great when printed out to be in an easy-to read format for garage reference.

How to Use the New Site

There are a few ways to navigate. The easiest is the Search Box in the upper right corner. Check out the right hand column for categories, and a tag cloud. Use the Old Technotes link in the top bar to get to the classic technotes site, archived right here.

About ATS Technotes

ATS logoAll of the ATS technotes are marked with the ATS logo. They were originally written by Patrick Beaueau. Patrick sent all of his technotes to me on a CD, and I have his permission to publish them here. I am re-writing them with updated information and diagrams, and also correcting any spelling and grammatical errors I found.

If you need any help with any of the technotes on this site – post on the Vintage Watercooleds Forums.

These were called the ATS technotes – A Texan’s Scirocco. After Patrick removed his site, I emailed him, and he agreed to let me have the content of the old ATS site.