An Example Megasquirt Parts List

This is just a quick list of the stuff you’ll need to do a proper megasquirt conversion. Read on…

Here is a list of parts needed for a Megasquirt conversion:

  • The Megasquirt ECU itself
  • Wire of different colors in 18 or 20 gauge
  • Relays for Megasquirt power, Fuel pump relay, and Idle control
  • Coolant Temp sensor
  • Intake Air Temp sensor
  • Fuel rail
  • Injectors
  • Injector Cups – 037 133 555 A
  • Fuel lines – get Fuel Injection lines (high pressure capacity) in 5/16 for VW stock rail
  • Fittings or adaptors to make your fuel lines attach to your stock fuel lines
  • Ignition system of some sort
  • If the car has ITBs, then they will need to have a TPS (Throttle position sensor)
    • —–If you would like to datalog the TPS on your non-ITB car, you can get a Passat 16v automatic throttle body that will bolt to your stock manifold—–
  • The connectors for any of the sensors and parts. You can get most of them from a salvage yard, or buy them online.
  • A new intake tube setup and filter. This can be as simple as keeping your stock intake tube and throwing a cone filter on the end.
  • A new oxygen sensor. A Wideband controller (such as an Innovate LC-1) and sensor are HIGHLY recommended.

The 16v in the US market never had electronic fuel injectors – the most advanced it got was Bosch Motronic CIS. The European ABF 16v was sold in europe with Electronic Injection, however, the manifold and fuel can be pricey!! To get EFI in a 16v, you have to go buy a custom fuel rail.