EFI and Megasquirt on the 16v

VW never sent the 16v over to the US with an electronic fuel injection system, so converting it to EFI is just a bit more involved. No Junkyard parts for this!

There’s two things you can do for a fuel rail and injectors.

1. Buy an aluminum fuel rail from a few places, like Bahn Brenner, USRT, or Ross Machine Racing. These fuel rails are nice and shiny, can take a lot of pressure, and usually come with brackets. You must buy a fuel pressure regulator to go with it.  Bahn Brenner has a VW FPR adapter that can fit the end of their fuel rail. Normal fuel pressure is 43.5 PSI. One can raise or lower it to get more or less flow from your injectors.

2. Buy a Digifant3 fuel rail, throttle body and intake manifold meant for an euro ABF 2.0 tallblock 16v. The ABF has a single-plate throttle body, and comes with a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) stock. The manifold looks a bit different, it is smoother. The fuel rail is plastic, and very similar to the 2.0 8v fuel rail, it’s covered in black plastic, and is behind the runners – so it’s pretty stealthy.

For both of those, you’ll need to cut your current fuel lines, flare them and attach them to new high-pressure rubber fuel injection line routed to your fuel rail. The best thing to do is use barbed fittings in the proper size on your existing fuel lines. A filter is needed in the supply line.  You’ll use 5/16″ high pressure injection line. Many Chrysler and Mitsubishi fuel injected cars use a good fuel filter that will work. Make sure the filter is for injected cars though- a Carburated filter will burst under the high pressure.