Fuse Panels

Fuses IconA few fuse diagrams for quick refrence!

This should apply to any German CE1 car, anything from 1982-1989 or so.
In specific, this is from a 1984 Mk2 Scirocco 1.8L JH with no A/C

Fuse # Rating Description
1 30A Radiator cooling fan
2 10A Brake lights, cruise control
3 15A Cigarette lighter, radio, clock, interior lights, central locking, instrument cluster
4 15A Emergency flashers
5 15A Fuel pump; Oxygen sensor heater (1990-1993)
6   Open
7 10A Taillights, parking lights, side marker lights – left
8 10A same as above – right
9 10A Headlights (high beam, right), high beam blue LED
10 10A Headlights (high beam, left)
11 15A Windshield washers/wipers
12 15A Heated seats, power mirrors if installed
13 15A Rear window defogger, heated mirror
14 20A Heater Fan, Glove box Light
15 10A Back-up lights, shift console light, cruise control (1985-1990 w/ automatic only)
16 15A Horn
17   Open
18 15A seat belt warning light, horn relay, coolant level/temperature warning light, oil pressure gauge, oil temp gauge, voltmeter; Cruise control (except 1985-1990 auto trans.)
19 10A Turn signals, brake warning light (10A)
20 10A License plate lights; trunk light (1987-1993); instrument panel lights (1991-1993)
21 10A Headlights (low beam, left)
22 10A Headlights (low beam, right)



Here is a diagram with Relays showing the fuses of a 1984 Scirocco with A/C