Megasquirt Fuel Pump Wiring

Megasquirt Fuse Panel WiringThere’s an easy way to wire Megasquirt into the fuse panel and stock fuel pump wiring without cutting or splicing any wires at all!

All that needs to be done is 3 wires put into the stock fuel pump relay location: Power – Red (terminal 30), Fuel Pump out – Yellow (via stock fuse) and Ignition-on terminal 15 – black (to tell megasquirt when to start the car).

You simply use a regular 1/4″ terminal for the terminal 15 wire. The two fuel pump relays need 3/8″ terminals. They are larger. I found that a universal ring terminal meant for several sizes hapened to be exactly the right size. I’ve driven my Megasquirted car for two years, and they’ve never fallen out.