OXS Light

1_lighton.jpgGot your OXS light on? It’s just a milage counter, it has nothing to do with the sensor. Need to know how to reset it? It’s easy!

Ok, first thing’s first. The OXS light comes on every 30k miles like clockwork, because there’s a gearbox that makes it go off that often. It has nothing to do with the sensor whatsoever.  It’s a really good idea to replace the sensor often, but that’s up to you.

 So. Light’s on?


Go under the hood. Ya know the coolant tank? Lift it up.


It’s the box. You can see the speedometer cable going through it! Easy, eh? The reset button is on the front, it’s white.


Push that button in with a pencil or whatever you have laying about. Push it in far until you hear a *click*


There! All done! Easy, right?