What is Megasquirt?

Megasquirt BoardMegasquirt is a Do-it-yourself Engine Management computer.

This article covers what megasquirt is in general terms.

Megasquirt allows you to have complete control over your engine, no matter what modifications you have made, or will make to it.

Megasquirt is an ideal project for someone who likes electronic kits, wiring, or computers in general. Amazingly the wiring for Megasquirt is not much more complicated then wiring for headlight relays.

The most amazing thing about Megasquirt is that one can get the project done and the car running for less than $500.

Don’t do this if you are not comfortable with wiring, soldering, tuning with a computer in your car, or anything like that.

Also – don’t try this if you live in California – as I imagine – it’s probably illegal there – Megasquirt is not C.A.R.B. regulated!