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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 12:41:33 PM - Views Technotes :: ATS Technote - Replacing the clutch cable

My clutch has been becoming harder to press and harder to hold down, I had previously oil it a few times, but after 7 years it was time to change it

Simple procedure, takes about 40 mins total time (taking your time) and requires almost no tools to perform.

Here we have the clutch cable and other parts required for this (each sold separately) the VW clutch cable part # 531-721-335C, the rubber washer # 171-721-308, and the last 3 parts are part of a kit part # 171-798-105.
the arrow indicates the first piece to be removed, lift the clutch arm upwards, and slid that plate out, the other 2 pieces should easily come out
This arrow indicates the next part to be removed/replaced...
this shows the clutch cable assembly from atop view, pull on it and then remove/replace the rubber that is holding on to the metal bracket.
I followed the cable to the fire wall and then slipped under the dash to un clip the pedal end of the cable.
here we see the cable clip partially removed from the clutch pedal, it simply slide in from atop the pedal assembly, pop it out remove the cable from the engine compartment and replace with the new one. reassemble it, set your cable clutch to the proper adjustment (the way you feel your pedal most comfortable with) I like mine personally high and little loose at the very top (1/8" play in pedal).

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