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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 12:41:33 PM - Views Technotes :: ATS Technote - Changing the Fuel Filter

Changing your gas filter should be done (according to Bentley on a MkII at least every 30,000 miles (48,000 Kilometers) or every 2 years (page : 2-6 of lubrication and maintenance). guess what... its been 7 years on this car (hasn't everything replaced on this car not been changed or fixed in the last 7 years.....hehe)

Anyway here is the note... Oh Yeah.. NO SMOKING!!! during this technote...

Here is the gas filter, driver side of the engine bay.
Here I am comparing the new gas filter with the old, and noticed an extra adapter (probably for Audi 5000) and removed it before proceeding please note when installing the gas filter to take 2 seconds of time to note the direction of the flow on the gas filter it will be marked by an arrow on the canister, replace the new canister in the same direction..
crack loose the fittings on one end and close them up (not tight just snug)
again crack the bolt open and close it up snug for a moment.
get an old windshield washer container, and cut the top part (one with cap) off it, and as shown in this picture use it to recuperate what fuel will be coming out from this canister.
loosen bracket holding canister in place, loosen one bolt, and stick that end into the plastic cup and then loosen the other bolt... pour the gas out from canister ~ 200 ml.
This picture shows the bolt and the TWO copper washers in proper re-assembly position before reconnecting it to fuel filter.
reassemble the new fuel filter in place, make sure fitting are tight but not overly tight. I placed some absorbent tissue under each fitting to find a possible leak, start the car, this will take a moment for the fuel pump to prime the fuel filter, but your car will start eventually. check for leaks...none? then your done...
(Don't try this at home!)

Well curiosity made me want to see the inside of this fuel filter... cut the metal around the canister (very slowly not to enflame the fumes and fuel....)

pulled out the filter out... notice how clean the paper looks....
very deceiving... the outer layer (about 2 turns, seen in lower part) was still clean, but 99% of the filter was pitch black.... ewww bad for engine...

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